Kettle design 2lt, went into production in 2006 production kettle design launched 2006
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We believe better solutions start with people and a clear and honest view of their needs.  We don’t focus on designing  ‘products’ We examine the human at their task, and create a tool to help make things better, easier and more fun .… your new product is the outcome.
We partner with your team to give you a long-term direction, creating product opportunity, from a sketch, progressing rapidly to three dimensional models, using a variety of prototypes and virtual realisations, through to production tooling data.
We’ve helped world-class companies across the range   domestic lifestyles sports equipment medical subsea marine aerospace
Giving physical and digital form to an idea allows us to rapidly craft products, delivering value for you and your customers. We’ll bring our toolkit of skills and experience gained from adjacent disciplines and technologies, and focus on your sector to create solutions.
waterfed pole clamps Kettle design
New products developed from sketch through to fully finished tooled items. We have a track record of innovation and have been responsible for many commercially successful products
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 © 1999 piranha design ltd