Piranha designed this device from scratch AND DELIVERED IT to Trinidad 4 weeks later, where is was deployed for a tricky pipe cladding inspection scheduled during the riser refurbishment.
This is a battery powered portable surface scanner that gives a live ‘X-ray style image showing the internal steel mesh reinforcement embedded in the cladding of oil/gas pipes. Quick checks can be made by a single inspector, which can also be beamed live to the Lab team, helping to ensure the integrity of flexible pipe risers….. and keeping the Oil in the pipe, and away from the oceans.
In order to hit the tight deadline we used RP technology to build the bespoke parts, and incorporated a windows Toughbook as the screen/input/storage device.
The system functions by electromagnetic induction generated by a bespoke multilayer flexi-pcb developed by Piranha and a team of UMIST based researchers.
Riser integrity tool Subsea
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