The St. Johns “ALPHA” range of 1st Aid kits consists of 3 case sizes. We were commissioned by London based marketing agency JKR to develop the design of the range from the clients’ initial 2d illustrations, and to provide finished tooling data for the final products. The client supplied the contents for
We defined the overall case sizes sing quick foam card models. populated with the relevant 1st Aid content, We wanted assembly to be fixings free, and used snap fits to ease end of life recycling. We developed a sophisticated living hinge that combined neatly with the integral handle, involving SLS proof of principle test rigs. Once the client ad signed off by the Design we undertook full Design For Manufacture, and issued 3d tooling data to our offshore toolmaking partner. We liaised with the moulders to tune the tooling to ensure the initial production batch
went smoothly. The St John Ambulance Small Alpha Workplace First Aid Kit is suitable for up to 25 employees. Conforming with British Standard BS 8599-1:2019, the kit is contained in a sturdy, durable case with a hinged lid that provides easy access to the first aid essentials inside. A grab handle makes it easy to carry to the casualty and it is marked 'First Aid' for easy identification.
St Johns 1st Aid kit Box
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