The ERA Codemaster is a mechanical door lock providing key-less access control. The design incorporate tough glass reinforced Nylon parts to replace the more brittle zinc die castings traditionally used in locks of this type. The focus of the design ensured that changing the code could be done easily without needing fiddly tools. Simply unfastening one screw from the inside allows the outer cover to be removed and the combination chaged. A unique semi sequential first key code mechanism was developed to increase code security by an order of magnitude. The main lock contains 83 components. During the development of this mechanism many prototypes were made and tested.
In addition to dealing with many moving parts on several axis and planes, the design needed to consider-: wear issues, vandal proofing, weatherproofing, fire resistance, and of course the lock mechanism itself needed to be ‘pick proof’.
Mechanical Combination Lock
Steve is the named as the inventor on the Patent for this revolutionary lock mechanism, he conceived and designed the complete working mechanism as a freelance designer for the London based Hothouse back in 1990’s. Looking back it’s incredible to think that I completed all the mechanical design using only 2d Cad, including final part specification by traditional toleranced drawings, things have certainly come along way since then The lock has been sold now for over 20 years!
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