Kimberly-Clark’s new production line was due to start producing a different type of interleaved tissue. Knowing that their current center-feed dispensers wouldn’t work with the new tissue and that they would need a new “ground-up” design they contacted the London firm Hothouse, who contracted Steve to develop a new mechanical design and deliver production ready tooling data. The brief was to reliably dispense their tissue, and eliminate the need for key locking.
One of the unique challenges of this project was ensuring the tooled product would be available as the new tissue started rolling of the production line...” - Steve Middleton (named inventor of the Patented Design. “Although I’d spent months developing alternative dispensers with prototype paper, the schedule meant that I only had access to the “final” tissue paper once the production line had started, this meant that the toolmaker would be roughing out the major tools, around the area of tool I’d de-marked as “no go” .
Center Feed Tissue Dispenser Kimberly Clark
The production tissue actually behaved quiet differently, necessitating a fundamental amendment to the tissue path for the final design. The product launched on time with outstandingly consistent pull-test results. The patented design has no metal fixings or springs so is 100% recyclable. The innovative arrangement of 12 one- way moulded hinges prevents roll theft and eliminates the need for any keys.
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