“Swan” 1.7L Kettle
One of many kettles on sale around the world, originating from our Studio sketch pads!
As the name suggests, the aesthetic oozes a tranquil vibe, whilst the powerful underfloor element does the business, boiling water efficiently. The optics of the water windows allow the user to view the water level during filling and pouring. The design process for this kettle was typical of the many projects commissioned by Otter controls. After selection from initial 2d concept
sketches, we quickly move into 3d, using Solidworks CAD to define the water volume and conform to other design criteria required by the client, such as -: element clearance, minimum window water level, steam tube geometry, water volume: steam ratio, and optimizing the shipping box height for the target market country. Finally we release 3d cad data, with a solid cad assembly, fully drafted suitable for production tooling, including ‘A’ surface specification .
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