Spyfish ROV powered cable winder H2Eye Ltd
The challenge was to handle the 200 m long cable in a way that didn’t detract or negatively affect the Spyfishing experience. We spent many months discovering , distilling concepts and uncovering the essential attributes required for the system, frequently field testing working prototypes, which ranged from from manual to semi-automatic.
During the development we worked in conjunction with the IDEO London team and spent many chilly winter days with the clients crew on or near the ocean. The final design featured ground breaking power assisted ‘on demand’ cable pay-out and push button control of cable retraction. Piranha’s engineers also devised the control algorithms required to balance the feedback system.
After successfully concluding the development stages our winders went on to be deployed around the globe, with further user tests in Iceland, Bahamas, Mediterranean, and Canaries.
The design specification required IP68 certification as the winder needed to withstand the tough salty marine environment.
H2Eye, a London start-up, were so impressed by Piranha’s designs for the Scuba industry that they commissioned us to design, develop and build a cable management system for the Spyfish underwater ROV camera they were developing.
The greatest challenge was how to ensure smooth mechanical operation when deploying the cable from a sandy beach, so we integrated a novel sand removing cleaner into the unit.
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