Healthcare Hoist system
Current personal hoists have a finite range to their vertical motion which is limited by their mechanical arrangement. Our ground breaking slide way configuration allows unlimited vertical travel. The stiff and lightweight aluminium extrusion, and a toothed belt drive can be made long enough to suit any application. The powerful sealed electric drive unit allows the unit to be used outdoors and even submerged.
A key aspect of the project involved producing and testing prototype drive units. These were produced using production materials and processes to ensure the tests represented the performance of the final product.
Personal hoists give freedom to access locations and undertake activities that are made challenging by reduced mobility.
The ergonomic self draining seat, has integral antibacterial/anti fungal foam padding.
Our network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers proved vital, and allowed the client to procure short samples of custom profiled extrusions to our design.
The hoist drive system has integrated inertial safety brakes that protect the user automatically.
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