Mark Taylor at the MD at HOTCAN asked us to look at making it easier to use and operate their self heating can. Their system works by simply adding water to baked limestone granules, an operation done by piecing a water pouch with a sharp metal rod. Historically HOTCAN focused on the outdoor, and survival markets, such as the armed forces, rescue services and outdoor activities such as fishing. The redesign specifically looked at improving the user experience and making the the operation more intuitive and less scary, to be suitable for a wider variety of customers in different sectors.
Keeping the basic chemical reaction, and adopting standard Can dimensions we undertook a rigorous user testing program. Following ergonomic tests we discovered that users found the “twisting” operation most intuitive, and that they disliked eating out of the can itself, so we integrated a cup and spoon into the packaging. Our redesign features a hidden mechanism which activates the heat by a simple twist and has several safety features to keep users safe.
The Just-Twist system underwent constant testing, using many forms of prototypes. The user experience remained the key driving factor throughout the design process, ensuring the final design was fun and easy to use.. If you have a development in mind … give us a call and we’d be happy to chat about how we might help.
Self heating meal HOTCAN
no kettle no microwave Just Twist!
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