We were thrilled when London branding specialist JKR (Jones Knowles Ritchie) approached us to help them develop the latest top- down ketchup bottle as part of the 2007 re-brand for Heinz. The intent was to design for a bottle made from PET so the vibrancy of the ketchup would be more visible. However a new shape with the different physical/mechanical properties of PET would required geometry that allowed a much reduced wall thickness whilst still retaining the feel of the ketchups “squirt”. 3d cad allowed us to produce photo-realistic rendered assets, complete with new JKR pack brand graphics.
Piranha developed and explored five concept directions, informed by JKR’s 2d sketches. We used advanced parametric 3D surfacing and FEA within Solidworks, so we could predict bottle deflection during the “squeeze” whilst we designed the form.
As of 2012, there are more than 650 million bottles of Heinz Tomato Ketchup being sold every year throughout the world!
Heinz chose the final design route, so after we refined a few details we were able to hand over a production level specification of ‘A’ surfaces via 3d cad files. To complete the range we also developed and issued data for the remaining family of bottle sizes and full range of pack capacities.
Each new concept was parametrically dimensioned to hit the required volume, whilst also fulfilling production line process requirements such as preventing bottle concertinaing, tumbling or wedging on the conveyor line.
Heinz Ketchup Bottle
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