As an open source project we wanted to help recover and up-cycle old marine equipment. A furler is an essential piece of yacht rigging that allows the foresail to be deployed and taken down easily without requiring anyone to go out on deck. A continuous line leads back to the cockpit which when pulled rolls or unrolls the sail easily and safely.
Our furler design incorporates a standard roto-stay head swivel at it’s heart, these are often scrapped or discarded during a rigging upgrade. Our design allows old equipment to be re-purposed rather than being thrown away. The furler is constructed from marine grade materials including laser-cut 316 stainless and acetyl. We machined most parts in- house down in our workshop.
We’ve subjected our prototype to two years of thorough sea trials, it still performs smoothly We’re strong believers in open sourced projects so have released a full set of part drawings, to allow others to up-cycle their old rigging parts.
Continuous line sail furler
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