Our cross coupler designs are amongst the lightest and strongest on the market. Our designs are characterised by their Bio- mimic layout, ensuring minimal material usage, effective cable routing and a streamlined outer profile. These couplers don’t snag, and don’t break.
Cast steel cross coupling protectors revolutionised the protection of the downhole power cables of electric submersible pumps, eliminating damage by crushing which costs the industry millions of pounds in unscheduled repairs.
Derbyshire and Yorkshire have a rich mining tradition, with many local companies supplying products and services to support the sector. Over the years we’ve designed cast steel cross coupling protectors for several local firms, who in turn supply the industry globally.
The cross coupling protectors are sand cast using lost wax masters. The wax masters are themselves cast using steel mould tools to ensure consistent and accurate parts. We can produce bespoke wax masters to evaluate preproduction design using our rapid prototyping techniques..
We’re proud of the great results we’ve had working in collaboration with local firms. We’re always excited about new projects so whether you’re nearby or not, feel free to call us for a chat.
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