Cockroach Hunter
The ROAC can be monitored and controlled using the onboard touch screen, and remotely via the App. The time, location and frequency of Roach traffic is shown graphically on screen.
Fortunately for roaches the ROAC is only a concept project. If you have a new product in mind, but maybe need some input, we’d be happy to chat over a coffee and discuss how we might help.
Nearly $0.5 billion is spent annually in the US for insecticides to kill cockroaches
Boric acid is deadly to cockroaches, effective in extremely small amounts but is low in toxicity to people, pets and other non-target animals. It is also odourless and contains no volatile solvents.
cockroaches are suspected of causing allergic reactions in half of the 17 million people afflicted with asthma
The autonomous ROAC unit charges during the day then hunts at night. It maps a room with its proximity sensors, then travels to find a likely cockroach “route” then waits and watches.   When IR motion sensors detect a moving cockroach, Roac deposits a small dose of Boric Acid powder before moving location to find the next roach route.
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