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Oil leaks are catastrophic to our environment, so we were delighted when an International Oil company asked us to apply our engineering skills to develop a sophisticated pipe inspection tool to detect corrosion defects within a live pipe and prevents its oil leaking and polluting our planet.
Subsea pipe integrity tool Subsea
We designed all the physical components of the system, to be suitable for the most demanding 1.5d type pipe bend radius using 3d Cad, and managed the production and manufacture of all components. We designed the arrangement of physical sensors and the Li-ion battery pack. We curated and implemented rigorous pressure testing on all parts of the system, which required ATEX (explosive environment) compliance.
We have years of experience teaming with talented PHD researchers within UMIST. We were able to apply and adapt their specialist theoretical knowledge of electro-magnetics, creating a ground breaking inspection tool, capable of operating within the harshest environment possible… a pipe filled with sticky crude oil at 80 0 c and 3000 psi.
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The demanding project schedule meant that throughout the design process we worked closely with the clients team, often on site, and into the early hours. This allowed us great agility to deal effectively with the unknown and unexpected.. key players in any ground breaking development. Managing risk items allowed us to deliver the project on-time, in-spec and on budget.
We are proud of our achievements during this project, and it’s outcome, creating a tool to keep the environment a little safer from pollution. We love to create products that both innovate and disrupt, so if you ‘re planning a new product we’d be happy to discuss how we might help.
The final tool has undertaken pipe integrity tests around the globe, and achieved the highest possible performance results in blind detection tests at designated US test sites.. Our agile guerilla design approach has shaken up the Industry, and resulted in spin off technology companies developing the tools further.
Our engineering knowledge and depth of experience allows us to design systems quickly and effectively, with the reassurance parts will be manufactured and perform to specification. We have a trusted network of suppliers and subcontractors that can be engaged to deliver high quality on short lead-times.
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