phototscan back image
Traditional dome surveillance camera systems typically incorporate large heavy telephoto zoom lenses, which generate huge inertial forces that the drive train must overcome. Automatic points of interest can be pre-programmed which require the quickest Point-to-point response. The design challenge set by the client (Photo-scan) was to reduce the response time using the largest telephoto lens possible. This project was commissioned by HotHouse of London on a freelance basis. The resultant design reduced rotational inertia and increase performance by a staggering 30%.
CCTV Camera  Photoscan
Following a full engineering evaluation of the system constraints, the camera drive system was re-engineered from the ground- up. The pan-tilt gearing was optimised, and the main rotational motion updated with an opto controlled belt drive. A key innovation involved the redesign of the housing lid, making it a static and isolated from rotation, thereby minimizing inertia.
phototscan  cad image photoscan section views phototscan main image
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